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Monday, March 31, 2008

Q1 Results 2008 !

My last post was on Dec 31, 2007 and this speaks volumes about my task allocation, time mgmt and what not that we learn from business school. Even though the blog posts were on the back of my mind, I never found enough drive to actually put all that into action. One easy word to summarize – laziness !

On hindsight, when I line up all the activity that I ve taken part in, it is much more convincing that I ve spent time wisely. The short and severe winter sem, with only a lone weekend trip to Lantau island, ended up in a Chinese New Year break and I learnt the new meaning of the word ‘crowd’- remember, I am from India.

I ve been through a lot of people activity, met students from Fisher School of Business [OSU] and Univ of California [Davis] during their Field Study trip to Hong Kong. Further, the Spring Career Forum organized by the Career Office meant more business card exchanges and follow-ups, but no jobs – so far. But, the outlook is positive and I am confident that the current state will change.

A good news is that I wont go bankrupt this season, thanks to the forgotten cash flow from the US Federal tax refund. This also means more traveling in the pipeline after/during my forthcoming stint in London. Hope this European experience is as rewarding as my other investments.

I ve reserved the best for the last to work on the recency effect to work on you. I represented my school in Asia Moot Business Plan competition, finished third and picked up a whole new level of knowledge and experience. Yet again, the diverse bunch of people define the experience and win credit for rewarding me with such an unbelievable time. This happened to be the best one week of my life ! I m not hiding the fact that we wanted to win and represent my school in Global Moot Corp in Texas, but things happen. Even though, I was not happy with third, I was happy for Asia Moot Competition.

Did I say, I became popular in Hong Kong after that open-top tram party in cold February? And that I consider Thailand as the foodie’s paradise?


I am glad that my Q1 results are much better than several firms. So, rising even in a falling market is great, though there was not much input in the last 3 months. I hope the shareholders wont mind.

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