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Friday, August 24, 2007

Chinese Cuisine Tour

As a part of the Putonghua program, the entire class goes out weekly on a regional-cuisine tour. Just like most Asian cultures, the cuisine offer a window into the Chinese culture. Despite my culinary restrictions, I have tried some of the following: Dim sums, Dumplings, Beef Broth, Pork Spring Rolls, Jelly Fish, Drunk Chicken, Suckling Pig Barbeque, Peking Duck, Pork Noodles, Egg whites, a variety of 'unknown' desserts and of course, Chinese Green Tea. The noteworthy point is that I practised and used Chop Sticks for the complete Chinese Traditional dining experience.

The group, eagerly awaiting the food on the table, is nibbling its Chop Sticks.



Wong Tai Sin Temple

As a part of my Putonghua [Mandarin] course in my University, the class is taken on a tour of Chinese cultural places. Wong Tai Sin Temple is one such place.


Students,curious about their future in all the credit turmoil the global markets are undergoing, try to find a way out by consulting a Fortune Teller.


A well carved pillar


Early morning jog

Despite all the rain, humidity and late night activity, I somehow manage to complete a good 45min of jog every day. I jog upto this point and relax myself by enjoying this panaromic view.

Private beach

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shenzen, China

My first trip to the much awaited place- China. The first landing is so special even though I just did some shopping and had lunch. The place felt so different from Hong Kong and was less cosmopolitan. The city seemed very clean despite the continuous rainfall and there was some much crowd in all the shopping complexes.

An electronics marketplace
electronics place

Shenzen has many high-rise buildings
high rise shenzen

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hong Kong!

Change of location...


East and Easter...


My last few days in The Wild West or so I expected USA to be, were spent trying to cram all my wishes. I tried doing everything for one last time, cherished the experience and hoped to retain memories. Just like the same way I do everytime. The last jog in Skokie Park, the last lunch in Office Cafeteria, the last drive in my car, the last time I cross the railway gate, and the list is endless...

Everytime I make a 'move', I leave behind a group of wonderful and interesting people, but that is the life I chose to live and I cant have everything.

So Chicago, thanks for my favorite motorcycle, my first car, my ... thanks for everything.

Milleniumdome-reflection of chicagoskyline

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