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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Contours & Colours: An Organic Focus

Three weeks of isolation from the 'fully-loaded' MBA student life doesnt mean that I ran out of objects for interesting observation. I focussed my lens on the contours and colours of my own home in which I have never lived for more than 2weeks at a stretch. My home is a humble attempt to live a colourful life!

Friday, July 11, 2008

China -> India for 3 weeks

  • I cant believe that a direct flight takes me home from Hong Kong in 4 hr : 45 min
  • The HK based-airline makes on-board announcements in Chaste Tamil. I was spellbound.
  • I m having withdrawal symptoms from chopsticks/cutlery. I m binging on Idli, Vada, Dosa, Sambar, Pongal, Rotis and mom's cooking!
  • Internet was down yesterday, Electricity was out all day today-quite a home coming.
  • My blog goes from Content Rich [Megs] to Content Lean [Millis].
  • No sign of economic turmoil, credit cruch, subprime. Real estate prices are zooming and my parents have calculate the opportunity cost of bringing me up Vs. investing in prime real estate! MBA... please start paying out soon!
  • Petrol prices have gone up, so I m utilising my sister's bicycle for errands. I read an article today on how bad bicycle seats will cause impotency in men.
  • My ears are filled with earthly noises, mixer grinders, water pumps, birds, animals, mechanic revving engines, building demolitions, ceiling fans.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Monopoly in the dorms

Just as the year ticked over to the second half, with scorching sun and thundering rain alternating in Hong Kong, life's journey seems to follow a similar path. A representation of the mood that persists in the corridors of student halls.
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