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Monday, August 25, 2008

Wrapping up 1 year in China

Pillars of tomorrow

With every international flight out of Hong Kong's Chep Lap Kok International Airport to NYC, SFO, London, Madrid, Paris, Mumbai, Beijing and Shanghai, I am having one classmate less to talk to. The next batch of MBA students have already set up camp and are swarming all over the place reminding me of the eventful one year that has just gone by. A year filled with expectations, success, joy, frustration, sleeplessness and of course 21 languages. Interestingly, the successful Beijing Olympics serves as the backdrop of my stay and is an example with its fair share of victors and fighters. My Chinese classmates were a treat to watch during the last few weeks, no need for guessing, China has run circles around competition and walked away with its biggest haul of medals. India got three, sort of a mini victory. Thanks to Michael Dorsher, my friend from PG Hall II doing his Masters in Economics, for his estimate that said India will win three medals has been proven beyond doubt. How many for London 2012 Michael?

Friday, August 08, 2008 at Beijing

rising tall and fast, despite red light

With only a few minutes to go before the dream of 1.3Billion people becomes a reality, there is a lot of excitement around me. Certainly a lot has happened in the last one year in the build up to the games. Lots of wested interests [intentionally misspelt] used the games popularity to free ride and gain publicity. Then that fatal day put a tear in many an eye. Full marks to the country that withstood this negative publicity and natural disasters to rise like a true champion - an Olympian. The pic sums up all that is China. Rising tall, rising fast, a bit hazy, but green [red in China] lights all the way!

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