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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why am I different?

Why do I always run away from the pack?

Why do I always defy convention?

Why do I stay away from Nokia but look at other brands?

Why don’t I simply buy and use a GPS, instead of using a map?

Why don’t I upgrade my cell phones as frequently as a common man?

Why don’t I sleep a lot and wake up at noon during weekends?

Why do I have to urge to explore and get myself physically tired?

Why am I a tourer and not a tourist?

Why don’t I like big and oft-visited places like New York City, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, and Hollywood?

Why didn’t I listen to parents, relatives and friends and went ahead and bought a motorcycle in Chicago?

Why don’t I simply buy and use a car with automatic transmission?

Why can’t I listen to mechanics’ expert advice and simply buy a Honda?

Why did I finish that deal on my Ford when there were several apparent problems?

Why don’t I like the reliable and technically-brilliant Japanese cars?

Why do I simply take the more circuitous route to work everyday instead of taking the highway?

Why do I always park the car in the most difficult of parking spaces?

Why do I like motorcycles instead of cars?

Why do I like Nanditha Das instead of Aishwarya Rai?

Why don’t I simply buy a decent shoe/watch available instead of annoying the salesman before I choose one?

Why am I so finicky about clothes’ colors?

Why don’t I boast my achievements and market myself to the decision makers?

Why don’t I work towards a numerically good performance rating or marks but rely on intangible benefits?

Why don’t I like numerically-higher mega pixel cameras like everyone else?

Why do I scribble when I have a decent handwriting?

Why don’t I want to stay back in USA when everyone is focused on doing that?

Why don’t I worry about saving money and instead spend on useful gifts to others?

Why don’t I buy myself what I desire?

Why do I go out of my way and help others despite knowing that I will be rebuked by the very people?

Why do I always make peace with my foes?

Why do I keep quiet when lashing out at my foes is considered moderate?

Why I am so bothered about the dangers of pollution and environment degradation?

Why are my tastes so different?

Why is my perspective different from others most of the time?

Why do I like the underdogs instead of the celebrities?

Why am I so unconventional even though I am surrounded by a lot of conventional people?

Why don’t I blend in?

Why do I challenge myself…unnecessarily?


Vijay Sundar said...

machi ,
very good questions da.. I am with you on Nandita ! :) What happened to the motorcycle ?

bala_blooms@yahoo.com said...

Fine ???????? from yr side .But try to look into others and get the answers but am not answerable to your questions.

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