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Friday, August 08, 2008 at Beijing

rising tall and fast, despite red light

With only a few minutes to go before the dream of 1.3Billion people becomes a reality, there is a lot of excitement around me. Certainly a lot has happened in the last one year in the build up to the games. Lots of wested interests [intentionally misspelt] used the games popularity to free ride and gain publicity. Then that fatal day put a tear in many an eye. Full marks to the country that withstood this negative publicity and natural disasters to rise like a true champion - an Olympian. The pic sums up all that is China. Rising tall, rising fast, a bit hazy, but green [red in China] lights all the way!

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pradeep said...

Hi Prathap.

Hope you worked in TCS or atleast in one of the TATA group companies.

I work in TCS.

Can you please give your email id ..i will drop a mail to you regarding some doubts about TAS?

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