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Sunday, March 05, 2006

DEVON : India and Pak [away from home]

We have always thought of THE WEST as a world away from the developing countries of Asia [India, Pakisthan, China, Korea]. But there exists, in the nooks and crannies of USA, small pockets of countries that are true to their original. We can call them Mini-India, China town, Korea Town..etc. But, in Chicago, it is DEVON.

The streets are littered with garbage, the traffic is erratic, the pedestrians are haphazard, the crowd noisy…where have you heard this before? INDIA? This is Devon Road, Chicago city, 2006. This is so notorious that Americans, in general, have a slight hesitation in going there.

Devon has lots of shops and restaurants of Indian and Pakisthani origin. They are true to their national roots inspite of international transmutation. You get anything Indian, if not India. Be it Pav Bhaji, Idli- Vada- Dosa, Spices or fresh meat. More importantly, you get them at “Indian” prices.

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