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Friday, March 31, 2006

The way to a man’s heart?

With the ‘severe’ winter forcing me to stay indoors most of the time, the lack of lip smacking lunches have pushed myself to wander and explore. I tried out some Indian restaurants in Devon [Viceroy, Sher-e-Punjabi] and Mount Prospect [Cuisine of India] but the urge to make the process of eating tasty, nutritious and healthy food has driven me to experiement with self-cooking. It is really not ‘self’ cooking as I get most recipes from my mother and do some Googling on the internet. Of late, I have started to enjoy my cooking and tasting and have also purchased lots of spices that will lend an Asian touch. I hate cutting vegetables as also discovering that some ingredient is missing and have to get it ready.

Cooking can be easily classified equally to a planned professional activity. The week’s shopping can be the planner for the days ahead. It teaches you to plan ahead, solve mathematical equations practically, compare taste and add additional items, predict the taste, preserve the food , create new recipes from existing ones, balance your diet and lead a healthy life knowing that you are incharge of what you eat and not Mr Big Mac, hiding in a Subway at Kentucky.

It is very easy for beginners, even though the learning curve is longer.

For all those cursers who think that cooking is feminine, let it be. But, eating is masculine !

Keep on looking for some lip-smaking and mouth-watering recipes that will be posted.
Any by the way, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach...!

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