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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tree Planting- Montrose Bird Sanctuary

I volunteered at the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary on Saturdays, planting trees, de-weeding and spraying organic fertilizers. This paved way for yet another hobby- Bird watching. I am still a novice in the company of expert Ornithologist volunteering at the place. These experts could identify the birds mid-flight!
This volunteering activity had somehow attracted attention, that meant crowd, politics, media and a lot of annoyance. Of course, more funds too for maintaining the last piece of bird refuge in an otherwise over-populated and concretised city.
What I hated most on that day [any day for that matter] was that people came to the pristine place with their kids on their V8 engined SUVs to watch the Mayor talk. After, all the hoopla was over they all left. What an utter nonsense! Those people had the best opportunity in the world to teach their young kids eco-conservation, awareness and bird life, but instead taught them what the parents knew best... 'nothing'.

A little bit of politics from my side... with the Mayor of Chicago!

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